Full Form Of AM and PM: What is it all about?

Right from our childhood, we have been taught that a day is divided into two periods i.e. AM and PM. But how many of you know the full form of am and pm?

There are only very few people who are familiar with the concept of am and pm. Today, in this article, we will discuss everything about am and pm that you should know. 

What are The Origins of a.m. and p.m.?

 AM and PM are being used for a very long time. Although this system of time is not used in many countries, it is still there. But do you know where it originated from? Before knowing pm am full form, let’s take a look at its origins.

These abbreviations are used for Latin phrases ante meridiem and post meridiem. If you translate them it means before midday and after midday respectively. This has been used by the English countries since the 17th century. There are still many countries that use am and pm officially in their time system.

Am and pm are used in the 12-hour system. The other system of time is the 24-hour format which is the most widely used time system. The majority of the countries these days are known to rely on the 24-hour format. 

The 24-hour format is completely different from the 12-hour format. In the 12 hour format, you divide the day into two equal periods. But in the case of 24-hour format, nothing as such exists. According to experts, the 24-hour format is the simplest and correct way of telling time.

AM and PM Full Form

Before moving onto any further details, let us first learn am full form and pm full form.
  • AM: Ante Meridian meaning before noon.
  • PM: Post-Meridian meaning afternoon.
Full Form Of Am And PM

AM and PM are Latin words that are used in the 12-hour clock system. It is used to divide the day into two periods. This includes before noon and afternoon. Now that you know I am pm full form, let’s get into further details.

What is am and pm used for?

If you are wondering what is am Full Form and pm Full Form, then we are here to answer your question.
AM and PM to differentiate the time before noon and afternoon in the 12-hour time frame. This system is used worldwide.

In a single day, we have 24 hours which is divided into day time and night time. In other words, 24 hours in a day is divided into two periods. Each of the periods lasts for 12 hours i.e. 12 am and 12 pm.
what is am Full Form and pm Full Form

The first duration starts at midnight and lasts till noon, whereas the second duration starts at noon and lasts till midnight.

Historical Background Of AM And Pm

The clock is probably one of the earliest inventions made by mankind. The term “clock” means “bell”. Before the invention of the clock, people followed the positioning of the sun to tell the time. But with the introduction of this new device, it made it easier for people to keep track of time.

The clock is a device that was designed to know the natural division of a day. Using the base of the 12-hour system, the Egyptians divided the day into 24 equal parts. 

The entire purpose of dividing time into two periods and the invention of the clock was made to keep track of the rotation of the earth. This is why in ancient times, people made use of sundial to measure solar time. This system was created by the Babylonians over five thousand years ago.

Where is the 12-hour time format used?

The 12-hour time format is popular worldwide. Many countries in the world are known to use the 12-hour system. This includes the United States, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, and New Zealand. These are the countries where am and pm is used officially. As far as the other countries are concerned, they all follow the 24-hour system.

Well, now you know the history and meaning of am and pm in detail. You can share your knowledge with your friends and appear to be smarter.

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